Debian Project Adopts a Constitution


Debian GNU/Linux
Debian Project Adopts a Constitution
December 14, 1998

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The Debian Project adopted a constitution which can be viewed at
The highlights of the constitution include the creation of the
Technical Committee, the Project Leader postion, the Project
Secretary position, Leader Delegate positions and a voting
proceedure. The constitution was proposed in September 1998, and
after a discussion period the vote took place in December 1998. It
was virtually unanimously in favor with 86 valid votes.

The discussion about the constitution began in early 1998 and
was carried out on the Debian mailing lists. Most of the discussion
can be found in the archives of the debian-devel mailing list at
Details of the vote can be found at http://www.debian.org/vote/1999/vote_0000.

The constitution describes the organisational structure for
formal decisionmaking within the Debian Project. As Debian
continues to grow, this will be a valuable document to ensure that
Debian continues to evolve and grow with the input and
contributions from its membership.

>> About Debian

Debian GNU/Linux is a free distribution of the GNU/Linux
operating system. It is maintained and updated through the work of
many users who volunteer their time and effort.

Linux kernel based operating systems are POSIX based, freely
distributable, and includes features such as true multitasking,
virtual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, proper memory
management, TCP/IP networking, and other features consistent with
Unix-type systems. It is used by individuals and organizations

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