Defining Scheduler Task Groups

“‘The cfs core has been enhanced since quite sometime now to
understand task-groups and [to] provide fairness to such
task-groups,’ began Srivatsa Vaddagiri, ‘what was needed was an
interface for the administrator to define task-groups and specify
group ‘importance’ in terms of its cpu share. The patch below adds
such an interface.’

“Srivatsa requested that his patch be merged into Andrew
Morton’s -mm tree to receive more testing, ‘note that the load
balancer needs more work, esp to deal with cases like 2-groups on
4-cpus, one group has 3 tasks and other having 4 tasks. We are
working on some ideas, but nothing to share in the form of a patch
yet. I felt sending this patch out would help folks start testing
the feature and also improve it…'”