DesktopLinux: SimplyMepis 6.0 Alpha Builds on Ubuntu Bits

“Mepis LLC on April 10 announced the first alpha release of
SimplyMepis 6.0, which expands an earlier experimental release by
replacing the KControl system configuration shell with the
SystemSettings shell from the Ubuntu Project. The alpha release
incorporates kernel 2.6.15 from the Ubuntu Dapper package pool, and
features KDE 3.5.2, Mepis founder and chief developer Warren
Woodford said.

“The panel has been modified in response to suggestions recently
solicited from the Mepis user community, according to Woodford.
Some of the Kmenus have been rearranged to take advantage of
metadata embedded in the kde shortcut files, and OnTheGo
reliability has been enhanced by a delay on logout to prevent disk
sync problems and an automatic fsck on login, he added…”