DevShed: One Stop Linux Administration with Webmin

[ Thanks to Randy
for this link. ]

Webmin is like the Windows Control Panel for Linux. It
gives you one convenient spot to control almost everything about
your system and to top that, you access it via the web! Webmin is a
modular program that makes it easy to add functions
, just like
you’d add a plug-in to Photoshop; and if you’re good at Perl, there
are some good tutorials and templates on creating your own

“Webmin is a powerful tool; if the wrong person had access they
could login to your system and delete partitions, steal files, etc.
There isn’t anything you can’t do with this tool, so you need to
make sure you protect it….”

“The best way to start out security is to restrict what IP
address have access to Webmin. This can be done by selecting ‘IP
Access control.’ Here you can select to only allow certain IP’s, or
you can allow all but certain IP’s. Since you should know where
your going to access your system from select “Only allow from
listed addresses.”