DevShed: Open-Source – On Why Not

[ Thanks to DevShed’s Randy Cosby for this link.

“By Steven C. Den Beste”

“I’m beginning to get a bit tired of people asking everyone and
their dog to release the source for every product they can think

“Somehow people have gotten this idea that this is the wave of
the future, and that each and every commercial software vendor
needs to get on the bandwagon.”

“But they’re looking at it from the wrong point of view. Open
Source has significant drawbacks for commercial software vendors,
because at the lowest level it virtually guarantees easy piracy of
the product.”

“I’m not saying that no-one should release anything Open Source.
There’s definitely a place for open source. What I’m saying is that
there is not and should not be any obligation to do so.”

“Complete Story: http://www.devshed.com/Talk/BrainDump/OS_YNot/

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