Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Google as Open Source Big Brother

“The reason Google gave for the delay was that Honeycomb is
really optimized for tablet computing. Putting it on a smartphone
platform would be quite a technical feat and more importantly, at
least according to Google “and creating a really bad user
experience. We have no idea if it will even work on phones.” So
they have made the decision for the community. No Honeycomb for
phones and to make that stick, they are not releasing the source
code out at open source.

“While I don’t disagree with Googles logic of trying to preserve
the user experience and make sure Honeycomb is not used on a
platform it was not designed for (sort of like using earlier
versions of Android on tablets, that it wasn’t designed for. But
Google didn’t seem to care as much about the user experience
there), they can’t make that decision for everyone. Leave it to the
developers and OEMs to make Honeycomb work on other platforms. If
it doesn’t the market will speak. “