digiKam Tricks eBook

[ Thanks to Dmitri
for this link. ]

“When I started covering digiKam on my Scribbles and
Snaps blog, I did it mostly to document features I personally found
useful for my photographic needs. Surprisingly, the blog articles
turned out to be rather popular with other digiKam users, so I kept
covering digiKam’s nifty features as I discovered them. At some
point, I realized that the blog contained enough material for an
ebook that you can keep handy when working with digiKam. And since
the Amazon Digital Publishing Platform solution makes it
ridiculously easy to publish an ebook and make it available through
the Amazon Web site, the decision to turn the blog material into an
ebook form was a no-brainer.

“The first edition of the digiKam ebook contains all
digiKam-related articles from Scribbles and Snaps and a lengthy
article on using digiKam as a digital asset management solution not
available on the blog. I do plan to add more useful material in the
coming editions, and anyone who decide to purchase the first
version of the book will receive all subsequent editions free of