Disinformation Disinfected, pt. 3: Banshee in Ubuntu

“The first lie: Banshee saves space.

“As near as I can tell, the whole thing really got going from an
apebox.org “rant” back around April. In this
[cough]fact-filled[/cough] post, the assertion is made that 6.1 MiB
will be saved on the LiveCD by replacing “bloated C-based”
Rhythmbox with Banshee.

“This, like most pro-mono propaganda is about 25% truth/ 75%
lie. You see, it doesn’t count the accompanying documentation of
Rhythmbox. The apebox.org ranter casually cedes the point on page 4
or so of this thread, pretending all the while like space was
“never really my main argument.”

“I challenge anyone to read this first rant and come away
thinking that the so-called space saving was “not really the main
argument.” It’s damn near the whole argument.”

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