Disk Encryption in Fedora 16

[ Thanks to finid
for this link. ]

“No distribution’s installer makes setting up disk encryption as
easy as Anaconda, the Fedora system installer. And that has not
changed in Fedora 16, the latest stable release. On previous
versions of Fedora, those released before Fedora 16, the only
automated disk partitioning option was one based on LVM, the Linux
Logical Volume Manager. That made it easy to install Fedora on
encrypted LVM partitions.

“But it also meant that if you wanted to install Fedora on
encrypted, non-LVM partitions, Anaconda offered no automated
option. That is no longer the case in Fedora 16.

“As shown in the disk partitioning methods step in this image,
there is now a “Use LVM” option, and it is the default, so that if
you wanted to install Fedora 16 on encrypted, non-LVM partitions,
and you wanted the installer to create the partitions
automatically, all you need to do is disable that option, and the
installer takes care of the rest.”

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