Donovan Rebbechi: Font HOWTO

[ Linux Today reader Donovan Rebbechi writes: ]

“I’ve written a fairly comprehensive document on handling fonts
in linux. I believe it is at present the most comprehensive attempt
to address this issue — I cover several topics including
WYSIWYG ( Applix, Star Office ), font servers ( xfs and xfstt ),
ghostscript, and latex.
I am planning to submit this document
to the LDP after it’s had more eyeballs on it. Meanwhile, I welcome
all comments.”

From the HOWTO:

“There are a number of ways fonts can be added to X. Firstly,
XFree86 has a font path which is just a list of several directories
or font servers where it searches for fonts. A font server is just
a background process that makes fonts available to XFree86. An
advantage of font servers is that they can send fonts to remote

“Recently, a tool called xfs ( the “X font server” ) has been
developed. This font server is probably the nicest font management
solution currently available….”