dotcomma: Book Review of Professional Apache

[ Thanks to Adam
for this link. ]

“To start with, all I can say about the content of this book
is…Wow. If you need to know something that relates to Apache
in literally any way, it’ll be in this book.
The book covers a
huge number of wide-ranging topics, such as Apache modules, PHP,
SSI, SSL certificates, analyzing logfiles with Analog, CGI
wrappers, Perl, etc. etc. etc. It’s all here. You may wonder about
all this digression, but it actually serves to increase the book’s
readability and make it book more interesting to read.”

“This book is aimed towards web server administrators of all
levels. The first few chapters are geared mostly towards new users
of Apache (it details how to install and configure Apache exactly
to your liking, and also explains the configuration files step by
step), while the rest of the book is aimed towards helping
administrators get the most from Apache. Although the book is quite
hefty (600 pages), every page is filled with useful

“If you’re planning to become a system administrator, and
especially if you’re going to be hosting many websites which
require a knowledgeable system administrator, then you probably
need this book. You can do it my way and learn by doing (and no
book can replace this essential part of learning), but it’s much
easier if you get a background in the software first.”