Download Shutter 0.88 With Better Upload Mechanism

[ Thanks to An
Anonymous Reader
for this link. ]

“Mario Kemper and Shutter Team proudly announced a few minutes
ago that a new version of the Shutter desktop screenshot utility
for Linux platforms is available for download.

“Shutter 0.88 comes with an improved uploading mechanism by
implementing a bunch of new image hosting services upload plugins
right in the application. However, Shutter will not remember the
latest uploads, for now, but public links will be saved after an

“Shutter 0.88 will be able to upload images to the following
services: Dropbox, ImageShack, ImageBanana, Imgur, ImmIO, Minus,
ITmages, Omploader, TwitPic, ToileLibre and UbuntuPics.”

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