Duke of URL: Slackware 7.1 Review

[ Thanks to Patrick
for this link. ]

“If you want to learn Linux, and learn it fast, what do you turn
to? No, don’t bother to open up books, just get yourself a copy of
Slackware. Slackware prides itself on its uncanny ability to stick
to the basics of UNIX, and requires you to know your way around
Linux, and if you don’t, start learning with Slackware.”

“I work best under pressure. Who doesn’t? Slackware operates on
this premise, and it’s not a bad one, either. While other
distributions are trying to move towards a more-automated, new
user-friendly approach, Slackware is staying with its UNIX

“Another newer premise in Slackware is the occurrence of
extremely new software. The latest edition, 7.1, employs many new
pieces of software such as KDE 1.91 and even XFree86 4.0-one thing
you’ve heard me rant about and sing the praises of for ages. Who
else can provide you with both of these components in one
distribution? The answer is easy — no one.”