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We have developed the Linux drivers for a PCI DVD decoder board.
The board is still a reference design. Right now we are looking for
someone who is interested in manufacturing the board. So if you are
a hardware manufacturer, a investor, or someone else who is
interested in producing the PCI card, feel free to do it.

Some time ago, we asked the Slashdot
community how much they would pay for this board. Here are the

PCI DVD Decoder card

Some features of the board:

  • Fully compliant with DVD specifications (including CSS copy
  • Realtime hardware decompression of DVD/MPEG-2 and
    VideoCD/MPEG-1 movies
  • Interface to the graphics display subsystem (VGA)
  • Analog Video Out (PAL/NTSC)
  • Decodes MPEG Audio and Dolby AC-3

If you want to see the board, click here. We are
working on the driver for this board. We have video and audio and
can watch StarWars on our TV set. The link to the driver source
code is coming soon. Unfortunalely the driver is not very useful
without the card…


We are working on a proposal for a Linux DVD API. This is how we think the basics
should work.

Brief overview of DVD-Video

We collected some Information about the DVD file
and the different file types on a DVD.

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