E-Commerce Times: Linux Gets Certified

“Sair, Inc. has introduced a “train-the-trainer” series of
sessions as part of the international launch of its Sair Linux and
GNU Certification program.
Training sessions have recently
been held in both Australia and the United States.

“Seeking to meet the increase in integration of Linux-solutions
by businesses — including e-commerce operations — and the
subsequent need for Linux certified trainers, Sair has created
weeklong training sessions. Sylvan Prometric testing facilities
were brought into the program in June to play host.”

Also in this report — A GUI For Linux

“Xi Graphics, Inc. recently announced the availability of its
commercial-grade graphical user interface (GUI) for Linux. The
maXimum cde for Linux is based upon a GUI created for UNIX
workstations, available from such hardware vendors as HP and