E-Commerce Times: Linuxcare OKs Cubix Multi-Servers

“Deploying Linux on Cubix systems can be a very cost-effective
platform for Web services,” observed Jim Zakzeski, vice president
of marketing and sales for Cubix. Additionally, LinuxCare will
provide customers that deploy Cubix solutions with support — a
critical component of any Linux market offering.

“Linuxcare tested the Density series with the Linux kernel and
certified the Caldera, Debian, Red Hat and SuSE distributions as
compatible with the multi-server systems. “LinuxCare Labs
certification gives Cubix customers the assurance that their
systems will perform reliably with the Linux operating system,”
stated LinuxCare CTO David Sifry.”

Fault-tolerant Cubix systems provide a great platform for
deploying multiple Linux servers
,” added Sifry. Cubix
manufactures consolidated network server systems.”