Easy RSS With OctoberCMS

October is a content management system (CMS) based on the Laravel framework.

Many of my readers will already know that I am a huge fan of Laravel. The framework makes development workflow a breeze and takes care of a lot of the mundane tasks. Linuxphile is, in fact, built on Laravel. I had also developed http://twistedtastes.com using Laravel. After the development of Twisted Tastes my wife and I came across October. There are a number of blogs out there on the usefulness of OctoberCMS so I’ll skip over that here and focus on the RSS functionality I needed to implement for Holly’s Twisted Tastes site. I am never one to reinvent the wheel and if a plugin or piece of functionality exists already I won’t bother writing it myself. When I went in search of an RSS plugin I found one in the OctoberCMS marketplace for $5. The plugin was specific to another plugin within the marketplace and didn’t meet my needs without customization. Looking around I couldn’t find much else on the topic. A few forum posts but nothing concrete. So I set about writing my own.