Editing Images With Pinta

[ Thanks to Falko
for this link. ]

“1 Preliminary Note: Pinta is a lightweight image editor for
Linux and is far more easier to handle than Gimp but still has a
large variety of tools and features to use. It can be used for
quick editing like resizing images or adjusting the colours of
photographs, but also for more professional tasks which depend on
layered images and more. It is a good mixture between MS Paint and
professional image editing tools and is recommendable for most
purposes of image-editing-everyday-use.

“2 New Document: On first start Pinta appears as a single window
with a large central drawing panel. On the left side, there is a
Tools and a Palette panel, on the right side, there is a Layers and
a History panel. On the top windowbar you can find the usual
editing options for adjusting colors, brightness and others as well
as adding effects to your images.”