Editor’s Note: Movie Making With Linux

by Carla Schroder
Managing Editor

A happy confluence of events inspired today’s Editor’s Note:
some funny YouTube videos, and a number of good howtos recently on
making movies on Linux. There is a lot of good Linux/FOSS video
software: movie capture, movie editing, and playback. Here is a

Movies in Linux with Kdenlive

Movies in Linux with Kdenlive, part 2

Editor’s Note: Play Movies on TV From Your Laptop for Cheap

Making of Sintel Open Movie – Documentary Video

20 Open Source Movies You Can Edit and Redistribute for

3D 2.49: Quick Start

2.5: Creating a UV Texture

Introduction to Blender 2.5: Color Grading

an Outdoor Scene in Blender

Introduction to Blender 2.5 Color Grading – A Sequel

Making realistic characters for Blender with MakeHuman

Making Free Movies with Free Software

12 Unique Blender Tutorials Every Blender Enthusiast Should Know

8 Stunning Blender Made Short Films And Animations

Caught on
Video: 2 Tools for Linux Screen-Session Recording

Add transitions with OpenShot Video Editor

Create Professional Videos on Linux with OpenShot

of the Best Free Linux Video Software

Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook

2.5 Lighting and Rendering

Secrets of

to Edit Videos With Avidemux

OpenShot – An Easy-to-use Video Editor For the Average Linux

, Guide to 3D Creation with the Open Source Suite
Blender by Ton Roosendaal, No Starch Press
is a first-rate introduction to Blender.

I’m easily amused so these YouTube videos may not be as
hilarious to you. I love the “literal version” remakes and plan to
try my hand at making one someday. It’s harder than it looks;
things that seem screamingly funny among friends don’t always hold
up when they’re written down in a script. Enjoy, and have a great

Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version
is one of the
all-time most popular YouTube videos. It should be, as it is
brilliantly written and performed.
Crazy Indian
Video… Buffalaxed!
transliterates the lyrics just as they
sound, for example “You need a bun to bite, Benny Lava!” Check out
the groovy jacket moves by the handsome leading man at the
Cat lover
has weird cat sounds and great subtitles.

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