EETimes.com: Motorola teams with TurboLinux on embedded OS for China

“Motorola Inc. and TurboLinux Inc. (Brisbane, Calif.) are
jointly developing the first Chinese-language version of an
embedded Linux operating system to run on the PowerPC 8240

The Linux-based platform will target Internet applications
like interactive TV, global positioning satellite receivers,
cellular phones and other networking equipment, along with the
emerging information appliance market.

“TurboLinux is one of the earliest suppliers of a
Chinese-language Linux . The partners said their solution would
offer Chinese customers full support, including the ability to
input Chinese and Chinese menus under Xwindow. The Linux-PowerPC
system will support hardware including CD-ROMs, floppy-disk drives,
network interface and display cards. It will also offer low memory
and hard-disk requirements.”