EETimes: Embedded-class VLIW chip expected to be showcased in a handheld Web pad — Transmeta…

“The mystery surrounding the planned Jan. 19 processor launch by
Transmeta Corp. will finally unravel this week.”

Industry sources say they believe the company will un-veil
an embedded-class very-long-instruction-word (VLIW) processor,
called Crusoe, which will be showcased in a handheld Web pad or
similar downsized browser equipped with an embedded version of the
Linux operating system.
The Web pad will have been designed
with an unspecified partner, those sources speculated….”

“Transmeta is not giving any press interviews in advance,” Dave
Ditzel, chief executive officer of Transmeta Corp., told EE Times
last week. “So anything you see printed before [Wednesday] Jan. 19
is still guesswork.”