Eight features Windows 8 ‘borrowed’ from Linux

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“1. File copy dialogue: In an effort to create more
transparency, Microsoft implemented an improved copy, move, rename
and delete dialog that doesn’t just show the progress of each
operation, but also a throughput graph and the ability to actually
pause individual copy operations.

“Oh, did that cause a firestorm in the open source community!
Pretty much the same dialogue has been part of Linux’s Dolphin and
Nautilus file managers — the file transfer dialogue also lets
users pause operations and view multiple copy jobs in one window.
We’ve even got the gimmicky bandwidth graph that appears once the
user hits “More details”.

“The Microsoft twist: When there’s a problem with a file
operation, Windows 8 doesn’t just stop the entire process but keeps
these problems in the error queue. However, it’s quite obvious that
Microsoft took a good, hard look at the open source world here.

“What neither Linux nor Windows 8 have is a queue feature. Of
course, you could manually pause and resume individual copy
operations, but that’s not helping you on a massive copy job. Users
of both Windows (see the comments on this post) and Linux have been
waiting for this for quite a while.”

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