EJBOSS, an enterprise java beans (EJB) compliant server for Linux

ejboss writes:

We announce the availability of EJBOSS, an enterprise java beans
(EJB) compliant server for Linux. It is the first EJB server for
linux going GPL.

You can find the source code and executables at www.ejboss.org ejboss stands for
“enterprise java beans in OSS”. It is a GPL’d EJB server that
complies with SUN’s EJB1.0 specification. It was developed for
Linux (aka Linux based GNU system) but also runs on Solaris 2 .6.
It is 100% pure java.

WHO CARES?: System and network administrator of
IT shops. ISP’s looking to host applications on linux. Developers
of distributed applications. System integrators.

ADVANTAGES: Centralized and declarative
management of beans and deployment. Puts System administrators in
command. Powerful comprehensive GUI. Eases the “run-time” burden of
development on programmers. Industry standard. GPL’d .

STATUS: This is version 0.04, an early access
targeted at developers and sys-admins. Session beans stateful and
stateless are stable. The “optional” support for entity beans will
be coded next.

LICENSE: GPL and ALL (see www.ejboss.org for terms of ALL)

The ejboss organization.