Electronic Design: Linux Is A Great Prototyping Tool For Embedded-Hardware Designs

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for this link.

“Try Developing Your Hardware And Software In Parallel By
Taking Advantage Of A Public-Domain Operating System.”

“To stay in business, manufacturers of embedded hardware must
constantly develop new products. But many designers don’t realize
that the process can be sped up by taking advantage of an operating
system (OS) that’s in the public domain–Linux.

“With Linux, any hardware manufacturer can create board-support
and system-support packages that can be freely shared with partners
early in the development cycle. This expedites support for new

“For hardware designers like Motorola Computer Group (MCG),
Linux is a boon for obtaining software for constantly changing
embedded-hardware platforms.”

“This article describes how MCG plans to use Linux as a
proof-of-concept tool on our new high-availability (HA)
CompactPCI-based systems. (HA systems are defined as systems that
are running 99.999% of the time.) With the help of MCG’s partners,
this should provide customers with a total hardware and software

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