Empathy�s Still Around�.A stalemate

“Last time I spoke about Empathy, I was a little disappointed in
the project. I really liked Pidgin and it felt like they were being
stabbed in the back, even if everything the Empathy team was doing
was koser GPL-wise. At the time I didn’t give it a second look
because it was still missing a bunch of features. It’s been 2
years, or 4 releases of Gnome, since then and the project has come
a long way. It now supports all the protocols that Pidgin does (and
more) and everyone seemed to think it was doing a better job of
listening to users, etc. Now, this shouldn’t make a huge difference
unless I missed something, but I’m reviewing 2.30 as Fedora 14
hasn’t come out yet. I’m sure there wasn’t a massive upgrade or
anything. So, first of all, here’s what Pidgin looks like.

“The green circles are contacts that are available. The clocks
are people who are away. I’m not sure what the yellow note is. It
makes perfect sense. The arrows also make sense indicating people
who are coming and going. I’ll get to the the Empathy buddy list in
a moment. First I wanted to show what came up when I started it for
the first time:

“It offers to import the contacts from Pidgin or to start fresh.
That’s nice and flexible. Then my buddy list window came up:”

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