Energy-efficient NAS server shares USB drives

“Synology began shipping a diskless network-attached storage
(NAS) server designed for use with USB storage devices. The USB
Station 2 incorporates an 800MHz processor, supports up to 4TB of
external storage via dual USB 2.0 ports, includes gigabit Ethernet
port, and offers file sharing and multimedia streaming via
Synology’s Linux-based, DLNA/UPnP-ready DiskStation Manager 3.0

“The USB Station 2 enables the sharing of files and multimedia
content among Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, making it
particularly suitable for mall office networks with multiple OS
platforms, says Synology.

“Unlike Synology’s many other NAS devices, such as the two-bay,
DiskStation DS210+, the USB Station 2 has no onboard storage.
However, it does run the same Linux-based DiskStation Manager (DSM)
3.0 software as the DiskStation devices, offering a wide range of
NAS features and servers (see farther below).”