ENT: Competition, NT Server and ‘Baby Softs’

Thanks to Skip Collins
for this link.

“There’s an important lesson being taught to Microsoft by Linux,
and that’s that the tables can be been turned more than once. Back
in the 1980s, Microsoft, Intel and PCs were the solutions that
wrested our computing destinies away from the domination of IBM,
Digital Equipment and Hewlett-Packard. A couple of brash young
startups provided an alternative and a bottom-up way of controlling
computing needs. Some users migrated to Microsoft because it was
the underdog, the people’s champion.

“Somewhere along the way, Microsoft accidentally transformed its
imageand became today’s IBM. Linux is exhibiting some of the same
grass roots trends that Microsoft rode to success. Now Microsoft
has to compete with a “process” rather than a vendor – an
interesting problem.”