Enterprise Networking Planet: Build a Secure FTP Dropbox with vsftpd

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FTP servers are wonderful things. They are quick to set up and
endlessly useful. It’s a quick and easy way for users to share
files. Businesses that depend on large file transfers, such as
printers and design houses, should use FTP. You can set up an
upload directory for customers in the hopes of training them to
transfer huge files via FTP, instead of attached to email. And
believe it or not, this is usually successful. The key to getting
reluctant users to use FTP is to help them set up their FTP clients
so that they can transfer files with just a few mouse clicks.
(Y’all be sure to come next week for a detailed look at FTP

“The tricky part about running an FTP server is keeping it
secure. FTP is an insecure protocol–all traffic is sent in
cleartext. So don’t use it for sensitive documents…”

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