Enterprise Systems Journal: It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

“You may be wondering what many asked me at the show: ‘What’s
the Editor in Chief of Enterprise Systems Journal doing at
Linux Expo?’ …The fact is I wanted to be there, much like all of
the corporate IS directors (you know the guys and gals who spend
the big bucks) who were jumping from booth to booth alongside the
more, shall we say, ‘casual’ attendees.”

“…this year it was movin’ and shakin’ and there was a
definite, dare I say, commercial charge to the floor. On the
exhibit floor, which never really seemed to slow down, modern
zealots met with representatives from traditional agnostics, like
SGI, HP, Fujitsu, Oracle and Sun, right alongside Linux stalwarts,
like Penguin, Caldera, Linuxcare and, of course, RedHat. Oh yeah,
and IBM was there.”

“But is Linux really enterprise-ready? … Well, depending on
whom you ask, Linux has been/is now/is very soon to be/or
nearly-almost sometime-in-the-next-three-years ready to be a key
part of today’s corporate enterprise. Unless, of course, you ask 10
people from Microsoft. I won’t go into how Linux should have Gates
and gang quaking; rather, loyal Linuxites need to look at NT as
not only the competition, but also as the model – the model
they should not let happen to their OS.”

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