Epic Games Does Suppress Linux Talk

[ Thanks to Frank
Earl (aka Svartalf)
for this link. ]

“Last week we shared the sad reality about Unreal Tournament 3
that it’s been 5 months and there’s still no Linux client. There’s
not even any sign that the game client will still be made available
for Linux once their ‘legal’ problems are resolved. It was
mentioned in the news posting that forum moderators for Epic Games,
the company behind the Unreal franchise, had been deleting posts of
users who had inquired about the status of this game for Linux.
There is now confirmation that they are taking such actions to
suppress the UT3 Linux talk.

“Mentioned in the Phoronix Forums are links to screenshots
showing a thread asking about the game’s Linux status being
removed. In addition, yours truly had tried asking for information
in the Epic Forums as well…”