Eric S. Raymond To Be LinuxFest2000 Opening Keynote Speaker

[ Linux Today reader Greg Palmer writes: ]

Open Source is the driving force behind Linux (R), the
‘hottest thing going’ in both the high tech world of computers and
the high rolling world of wall street. Eric S. Raymond, best
selling author of ‘The Cathedral & The Bazaar’ and one of the
leading luminaries of the Open Source Movement will also serve as
the opening night keynote speaker for LinuxFest2000 to be held in
Kansas City June 20-24, 2000.

Tom Peters, author of ‘In Search Of Excellence’ says that ‘The
Cathedral and The Bazaar’ is.. “a witty.. inside look at the way
software- which is reinventing the world – is created.”

John Thompson, IBM VP points out the “Open-source development
communities have delivered significant technologies that have had a
profound impact on the computer industry”.

Even an internal Microsoft(R) strategy document admits that “The
ability of the Open-source software process to collect and harness
the collective IQ’s of thousands of individuals across the Internet
is simply amazing.”

In announcing Mr. Raymond’s appearance, Greg Palmer, President
Mobius Marketing, added, “A speaker of Eric’s stature is a major
event. Linux (R) and what it has achieved in a few short years is
nothing short of revolutionary as the American Revolution paved the
way for opportunity around the world, Linux is lighting the way for
unbridled technological breakthroughs.

Eric S. Raymond will give his keynote speech Tuesday evening
June 20, 2000 and will host a special session of ‘Geeks With Guns’
Wednesday morning.

Recent spectacular IPO’s by Red Hat, VA Linux, Cobalt and
Andover.net have taken the stock market by storm and LinuxFest2000
will be the first opportunity for many in the Midwest to see what
the excitement is all about.

Major well known companies like IBM, Compaq, Informix and Oracle
have committed to Linux, however most people are exposed to Linux
on a daily basis, because Linux powers much of the World Wide

For additional information contact:

Greg Palmer
Mobius Marketing
(785) 213-1349