EV1Servers.net CEO’s Reasons for SCO License Purchase

ZDNet: Seeking ‘Certainty,’ CEO Signs SCO Linux License

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A pragmatic analysis led the chief executive of EV1Servers.net
to buy a license that protects the Web site hosting company against
Linux-related legal action from the SCO Group.

“‘Over the next 12 to 24 months, as this case makes its way
through the court systems, we felt it was important to remove that
uncertainty and deliver that stability and reliability to our
customers,’ said Robert Marsh, CEO and ‘head surfer’ for


Forum.ev1servers.net: Additional Headsurfer Comments Regarding
SCO Contract

“We did not license a linux distribution or any software covered
by a referenced EULA from SCO. We did, however, license certain IP
from SCO.

“We fullly [sic] support the GPL and the open source

“It has been argued by a Linux Journal reporter that I have
essentially called the various GPL Linux developers plaugerists
[sic]. This is false as I would never make such a claim
against them. They are some of the brightest minds for whom I hold
a great deal of respect…”

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