Everything should be open source, says WordPress founder

“Can relying on open source technology as the backbone for an
entire company really be feasible? WordPress.com’s founder Matt
Mullenweg certainly seems to think so.

“‘I believe morally and philosophically that not just software,
but everything should be open source,’ asserted Mullenweg, while
speaking at the GigaOM RoadMap 2011 summit on Thursday evening.

“It’s a bold statement, but it’s the ethos that Mullenweg
admirably stuck to, pointing out that sites like Wikipedia replaced
Encyclopedia Britannica, and how far Android has gone for

“Although he later backtracked and admitted that Android is ‘not
a great example from an open source point of view’ because of
things like patents, Mullenweg still noted that you can download
the code and run it on almost anything.”

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