Evil3D.net: BestLinux 2000 R3 review; Can it live up to its name?

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“Hailing from the homeland of Linus Torvalds himself, BestLinux
has entered the Linux distribution battle. BestLinux 2000 R3 not
only makes a bold claim with its name but also boasts the latest of
popular software such as KDE 2.0, XFree86 4.01, StarOffice 5.2, and
games galore. In fact, this version was the first distribution to
have KDE 2.0 included. With claims like that, of course it means I
am going to scrutinize the distro that much harder. Can it live up
to the hype?”

“The boxed version of BestLinux 2000 R3 comes in a 4 CD set,
includes a 380+ page manual, and is based on RedHat code. The CDs
include installation, source code, games, and a software library. I
found the manual to be fairly well written, covering not just
distribution specific data but general Linux information from the
command line and GUI. Not too shabby, and just what a Linux newbie
needs to get started out. The reason I call it a fairly well
written manual is because some of it is outdated, meant for an
older version of BL.”

“I look at BestLinux and it reminds me of Mandrake a few
versions back. Still riding on the RedHat coattails, with some
extras thrown in. Of course the issues surrounding the inclusion of
XFree86 4.0.1 and KDE2 have left me with a pretty bad taste in my
mouth. Hopefully the team over there can get their act together.
Putting those issues aside, you still get a great collection of
software in the extra CDs. There is simply no denying it. The Game
CD will probably be my best buddy for a good while. But does
BestLinux live up to its name? I personally don’t think so. I think
it misses that mark by a fair margin. Its lack of hardware/software
configuration tools, originality, and general configuration mishaps
are seriously holding it back.”


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