Experiencing Arch Linux with the Archbang Live CD

“So I got my new laptop ready for a hardcore multi-boot install,
and one of the distributions I’ve always wanted to test is
Archbang. I’ve tried Arch before and installed it a couple of times
just for fun, both in a virtual environment and on disk, but
haven’t been serious about it. It was just to practice the
installation and play around.

“A couple of months back Archbang caught my eye, when it was
first announced on Distrowatch.com. Archbang is a live CD
distribution of Arch Linux that is light on resources. Arch is
known to apply no to, and only if absolutely necessary, minimal
patching to upstream software, which usually results in a high
degree of stability and an experience as intended by the
developers. The default environment of Archbang uses a blend of
Xfce4 and Openbox for the window manager, coupled with tint2 for
the panel and conky to provide system information and monitoring on
the desktop.”

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