ext2: Book Review: Running Linux 3rd Edition

[ Thanks to Rob
for this link. ]

The third edition of this book is a handy reference to have
for linux users of any and all levels of experience.
If you
are looking for a great book for the beginner, this book is great.
It has details about the very basics (using a shell…working with
X Windows (specifically KDE), configuring networking, or debugging
you latest “Hello world!” C Program), and goes into some nitty
gritty detail about how linux operates (for example explaining what
exactly happens when a linux system is booting, and what all those
Kernel messages mean).”

“As always not all of the information in this book is on the
‘bleeding edge’ but keeping up with things at that level is
impossible with a print book. But I have yet to find anything in
this book that will truly steer you wrong.”