Ext2: Caldera 2.2: The New Newbie Choice

“Caldera has always been a good choice for a Linux distribution,
but now it is going straight for the throat of the biggest ignored
audience out there, the home desktop arena. No other distribution
out there has made serious attempts at this market in a commercial
arena.” “I started with a machine that Linuxberg recently acquired
from our Windows sister (http://www.tucows.com) site. It had your
typical 133 MHz Pentium, 64 megs of ram, ViRGE 4 meg card, a CTX
VL700 monitor, a 3COM Ethernet card, Microsoft Intellimouse,
standard keyboard, IDE 4 meg HDD, 16x CDROM, and floppy drive. As
you can see, this is a no frills cheap computer.” “I set the boot
mode to CDROM and inserted the CD into the drive. It booted up like
a champ and I was amazed at the new interface for the setup. I
installed 1.3 a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised since at
the time it was the only mainstream distribution to carry KDE as
its default at the time. This new installation interface reminded
me of KDE, and that really pleased me since I am a huge KDE
advocate. It was a very familiar feel.”