ext2: Predictions for the Big Players

The challenge for Microsoft is the same as for Linux
supporters, whether either side wants to admit it or not. The goal
is to sell the product to the customer, to tell them how they would
benefit from it and how much money they would save. The difference
is the weapon used in selling that product.

“Microsoft uses ethically doubtful tactics. For example, in
1995, they offered 5000 copies of Windows 95 to Ford Motor, and the
auto giant promised to taut Windows to the press, according to
ZDnet News. Microsoft is in court for just these kinds of
practices. With a very expensive product, with questionable
performance and stability ratings, they can’t seem to sell their
products otherwise.”

“The Linux world is approaching the sell in the opposite way.
The product is free, is reputed to be stable, and sells with nearly
no marketing. Linux companies can’t spend half of what Microsoft
spends on advertising, yet the big players are getting into the
Linux world like crazy.”