Eyewitness Report From Today’s SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Re Wayne Gray and AutoZone

“This was the hearing mainly about two things: the AutoZone
settlement agreement, the terms of which Cahn and AutoZone wanted
to keep confidential, but which Joseph McMahon, the trial attorney
from the US Trustee’s Office had objected to having sealed; and
second, the Wayne Gray motion [PDF], opposed by Cahn, to lift the
stay so Gray could more or less compel SCO to investigate trademark
claims on trademarks Gray claims SCO owns but SCO said a couple of
years ago it doesn’t own. He also wants SCO to participate in
Gray’s Florida litigation in some way I could never quite figure

“The judge will issue an order, but MikeD reports that Judge
Gross said clearly that he doesn’t think Gray has standing. He’ll
take time to consider the arguments, but it sounds like curtains
for Mr. Gray’s hopes of SCO cooperation. As Ms. Fatell pointed out
at the hearing, Gray accused SCO of fraud under the RICO Act, among
other things, and now he is asking SCO to help him out in his
appeal. What are the odds of that happening? As for the allegations
of fraud, Gray wanted an investigation, but the judge said that
will not happen.”


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