FairfaxIT: PC tablet gets a new bill of health

Microsoft is not the only one picking over the tablet

“GENE RODDENBERRY popularised the concept of the tablet
computer, and since 1969 almost everyone who has tried to
commercialise them has failed.”

“Now Microsoft thinks it has the right formula.”

“It plans to create a specification for a wireless device
without a keyboard that will connect to the Internet which will be
little more than a screen and pen. No date for release or marketing
plans have been released.”

“And to do that it has hired two of the brightest brains, Butler
Lampson, 55, and Chuck Thacker, 56, from the legendary Xerox PARC
home of the mouse, Ethernet, and graphical user interface”

“At CeBIT this year, chip maker National Semiconductor-Cyrix
demonstrated early proofs of concept of its WebPad based around its
MediaGX processor.”

“Phone maker Nokia last week showed off its MediaScreen, an
embedded Linux multimedia terminal with wireless access”

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