FairfaxIT: SGI move prods floodgates

“The announcement by Silicon Graphics last week that it was
throwing its weight behind open source development makes my grand
prognosticating at the outset seem positively conservative.”

“The Open Source software model is the future of Unix software
development,” SGI’s vice-president, chief scientist and co-founder,
Kurt Akeley, said last week”

“This year, SGI will release key features of its proprietary
IRIX operating system to the open source community. These features
are likely to include ccNUMA, symmetric multiprocessing, memory
management, high-speed networking and graphics. But most important
for the broad brush of more mundane business IT uses is a
commitment to release mature administration and management

“An interesting outgrowth of the new credo is the decision by
Sun Microsystems, reported in the Washington Post, to release for
free its processor designs.”

–Well researched article covering many points appearing in
print editions of The (Melbourne) Age and Sydney Morning