Final Report from fOSSa 2010 in Grenoble

[ Thanks to M. Fioretti for this link. ]

“The fOSSa 2010 conference in Grenoble did a good job to prove (since it’s still sorely needed, see conclusions below) that Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) isn’t some unreliable toy for amateurs.

“FOSS for the Software and Web Industry

“I have already described in other articles the lessons that ALL managers could have learned at fOSSa and its coverage of the relationships among FOSS, education and environmental sustainability. Besides that, there were lots of interesting, if highly technical talks (I really want to study GeoBi for example). Vincent Quint explained why the World Wide Web would not exist without FOSS. Web standards require running software to experiment, demonstrate and get early feedback from community and FOSS is perfect for this role. Yuri Glickman gave a very good summary of the testing guidelines that software developers should strictly follow to guarantee interoperability. Systematic, automated testing of this kind should be mandatory in any big software project striving for quality, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.”

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