FireFox 3.5, Plugins and the Meaning of Life

[ Thanks to Ken Hess
for this link. ]

“Dear Browser Developers,

“Hi. I’m a technical guy who works on a variety of operating
systems and have been working with Linux and open source
applications for a very long time (Circa 1995) and I have one
simple request for your wonderful product that needs various
plugins to operate correctly on websites. INCLUDE THEM WITH THE
DAMN BROWSER. Pretty please.

“Including the most common plugins with the browser would solve
so many problems and make our, the end users, lives so much
simpler. And I know you want that too, don’t you? You see, many who
use, or would use, your product want a trouble-free experience and
if we have to spend many frustrating hours downloading, installing
and troubleshooting browser plugin problems just so we can see
someone’s Flash presentation–well, it just isn’t worth it.”


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