Five ideas for escaping the Blu-Ray blues

“Some of us want to be able to release high-definition video
(possibly even 3D) without evil copy protection schemes. I’ve been
avoiding Blu-Ray as a consumer since it came out, mostly because
Richard Stallman said it has an evil and oppressive DRM scheme.
After my first serious investigation, I can confirm his opinion,
and frankly, it’s a pretty bleak situation. What can we do about
it? Here’s five ideas for how we might release high definition
video. Making Movies with Free Software

“This article is part of an on-going series on the challenges
I’ve faced in producing two free-licensed movies, Marya Morevna,
through the Morevna Project and Lunatics, which we are working on
as Anansi Spaceworks.

“I’ve been planning to compose Lunatics for high-definition (HD)
video (1920×1080 pixels), because HD is rapidly becoming the norm
for television viewing. It might even be desirable to release in 3D
(not too difficult, since it’s being created using 3D graphics
software). A large HD monitor today costs about what my first
little 13″ standard NTSC television cost in the 1980s, so they are
definitely going mainstream! I’m not sure if this will be an issue
for Marya Morevna or not, but it does seem possible, for the same

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