Five last-minute gifts for open source fans

“4. Hackable DIY Watch Kit: Keeping time is always an
interesting pursuit, but now there’s something especially fun from
Adafruit. The Solder:Time DIY watch kit from SpikenzieLabs features
a Dallas DS1337+ Real Time Clock (RTC) for super accuracy. Best of
all? Programming and I2C pads are labeled, making the watch
eminently hackable. Pricing is $29.95. Also available from
Adafruit, incidentally, is the open source Monochron Clock Kit for
$80. No end in sight to the time-keeping fun!

“5. Open Source Necklace: Last but not least is the iNecklace,
featuring an open source LED pendant that’s totally programmable.
With a default pulse that’s reverse-engineered from the Apple
“breathing” LED pattern, proud owners of this beauty can modify it
however they want because the source code, circuit board files,
schematics, and CAD files are posted on GitHub. This one’s
available both from Adafruit and from the wizards at ThinkGeek for

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