Five things I love about LibreOffice 3.3

“It’s only been a few months since the Document Foundation fork
of OpenOffice.org was announced, and here they are with the first
stable release of LibreOffice. The 3.3 release isn’t a huge leap
away from OpenOffice.org, but it does have some features that make
it worth the switch.

“There’s a long list of new features for the 3.3 release, but a
couple stand out above the rest for me.

“Top of the list? Bundling the presenter mode extension with
Impress. This lets the presenter see the current and next slides,
along with a clock to see how much time has passed in the
presentation. Having used Impress for dozens of presentations, I’m
very pleased to see this making the mainstream release. (Here’s
hoping Impress will gain some of the same collaboration features
that Writer has now.) Now I just need to give a few presentations
to test it out…

“Another nifty addition? “Experimental” mode — which
allows more adventurous users to try out unfinished features. Well,
I suppose less adventurous users could as well. At any rate, I like
having the option to try features that are works in progress if I
choose. This may go well with the time-based releases that are
planned for LibreOffice.”

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