FLOSS for Neuroscience: An interview with the NeuroDebian team

[ Thanks to Edwood
for this link. ]

“NeuroDebian’s goal is to bring developers and users of software
for neuroscience closer together, by providing a turnkey platform
where research software is well tested, integrated and made
conveniently available to users. We achieve this goal through
integration of neuroscience FOSS within a massive community-driven
FOSS project — Debian — which delivers a robust, free
and open universal operating system with possibly the largest
archive of maintained software.

“NeuroDebian offers two principal benefits to the neuroscience
community. First — using the language of a marketing
department that we don’t have — our product is the complete
operating system with built-in `AppStore`, where thousands of
research software products are 1-st class citizens, and are just
one click away from users, and avaiable free of any charge. Upon
installation, all software installations, removals, and upgrades
are done through a uniform interface. Bug reports against any
maintained software could be submitted using the same tool (e.g.
using `reportbug`) without figuring out the support forum for each
particular project. As a result, maintenance of heterogeneous
research environments becomes a feasible task for any researcher.