Font Management In Linux, Part 2

“Last week we learned some useful tips about font management in
Linux. Today we’re going to learn a few more ways to preview fonts,
how to view font character maps, how to manage console fonts, and
how to design your own fonts.

“Alert reader Terry H. informed me that another font previewer
has been born: GNOME-Specimen. It’s just a baby, first released in
November 2006, and is now at version 0.3.1. Debian users will find
it in the Lenny and Sid repositories. Fedora 6 users will find it
in the Extras repository. Fedora 7 and 8 merged Core and Extras, so
they don’t have a separate Extras repository anymore. It has a nice
interface that lets you select and compare different fonts
side-by-side, though you can’t install or remove fonts, or print