For Ubuntu’s Mobile Endeavors, Android Has Some Bitter Lessons to Offer

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for this link. ]

“Initially, Android was not a great place to be as a developer.
It had no public issue-tracking system, poor documentation and
lacked a decent QA infrastructure. Though that improved over time,
those issues were big enough to keep Android from overtaking

“For Ubuntu, if it wants to make its mark in the mobile market,
it has to have a solid SDK right from the start. If Canonical cuts
corners in this department, they’d have to make do with a deserted
app store in the future. Besides giving app-makers the right set of
tools, Canonical also has to ensure that developers can monetize
their apps from day one.

“A large app database is the biggest selling point of a mobile
platform, and if Ubuntu manages to attract enough developers,
Android and iOS might have a new competitor to deal with.”