Foresight Linux Review

“Foresight Linux is based on rPath Linux and so it is using the
conary package management that rPath has developed. It uses a
rolling update system, just like Arch Linux. It also is the
“official” Gnome liveCD, which means that it is probably the best
Linux distribution that one could use to see the latest
improvements of the Gnome desktop. Version 1.4 is just a snapshot
of the repository, and it contains the 2.6.22 Linux kernel, Gnome
2.20, Gimp 2.4RC as well as OpenOffice.org 2.3. Of course many of
the new Gnome desktop tools are preinstalled as we will explain in
much detail later. You can have a look at the Distrowatch page of
Foresight Linux to get a better idea about the packages